Saturday, June 23, 2012

Protective Style: Box Braids

Transitioning is NOT an easy process. I began to feel frustrated with my hair, because I did not know how to roller set and I was continuing to damage my hair with the flat iron. I didn't have enough time t learn how to roller set/ rod set my hair, and that added more stress to the whole process. I never stopped to consider the possible retreat back to getting a relaxer, but I knew that I had to do something to solve my problem. I looked up many transitioning styles, and came across box braids as one of the many possibilities for an easier transition. Solange Knowles was a BIG inspiration for wanting to get the braids, and a site on Tumblr called I Love Box Braids was a even bigger inspiration to wanting to put them in my hair. 

I searched the web for stylist around my area that knew how to braid; my first finding was a fail, but the second person that I contacted seemed more helpful and a lot more professional. On June 10th, after church, my mother drive me to her house (because her salon is in the basement of her house) and after a 30 minute wait, a woman working with her did my hair. It took almost 6 hours to do my hair. I specifically told them that I did want box braids, but I did not want them to be very big, because my hair is thin & I knew that they would look awkward on my head. At first I was skeptical, but after a couple of minutes of having them in my hair, I began to love my braids and now I do not know what I would do without them LOL! 

I did get stares from my classmates and wherever I went, but people that I am close with and family loved them and gave me compliments. Even the people that I work with complimented me on my braid (and they don't even like me that much) :) 

I will most likely get these braids after the 3 month stretch, because that is when I will need to take them out. I'll continue to get them until I feel comfortable with my natural hair and the length.

I WILL continue to post more on here, because I am out of college for the summer and I will have a little more time on my hands to get things done.

Whoever reads these, thanks for reading :) Please share! & I'll be writing on her ASAP.

My first day wearing my braids to class.

The last day of my freshman year in college. 

Just chilling around the house.