Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Hair Care Products...

During my research on transitioning hair from relaxed to natural, I found out that the products I currently use on my hair won't work for my transitioning hair. Also, the amount of times I wash my hair won't work either (OMG!). It is suggested from people who have or know about transitioning hair, that you wash your hair about once a month and co-was (no more than once a week) with a conditioner. Both products MUST be sulfate free or the chances of your hair breaking off/ruining your new growth will be great. Finding this out, I ran (not really) to the closest Wal-Mart to find different products I could use on my hair. After what felt like weeks in the isle of hair care products, I finally decided on buying L'oreal EverStrong Hydrating Shampoo (for normal to dry hair) and Organix Hydrating Teatree Mint (sulfate-free). I chose these two products because they are both sulfate free and claim to moisturize/hydrate hair. Because my hair will not be in the best shape throughout the transitioning process, I wanna be able to maintain enough moisture in my hair so that it will not break off.

I just had my hair washed yesterday (shampoo & conditioned), so next week I will make sure to only condition my hair and start the process of roller setting. I know that I probably won't commit to these two products, but for right now I know that I at least have the right kind of products for my hair. I will continue to search for more products (i.e. deep conditioner, hair mask, setting lotion).

I'm really excited about the outcome!!

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